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©Copyright 2013 James Bowman. All Rights Reserved.
©Copyright 2013 James Bowman. All Rights Reserved.
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Alias:  Margaret Stanko

Occupation:  Chemist/Biologist

Powers:  None

Equipment:  Pheromone-dispersal units


Perhaps the most educated villain in the roster, Margaret Stanko is armed with duel doctorates in Chemistry and Biology.  On the path to greatness, she even dated Captain Stalwart in college.

One fateful day, however, she returned from the market with one too many items in her possession.  The cashier simply forgot to ring her out for the bananas.  When her boyfriend, hero-in-training Captain Stalwart, didn't see them on her receipt he went ballistic, beat her senseless and had her arrested for shoplifting.

Her hatred for Captain Stalwart swelled to such a ferocious intensity that she aimed to kill him.  In the process she discovered her love of evil and mayhem.  Using her knowledge of chemicals, Pherodoxy creates mind-altering pheromones to make things go her way.

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