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©Copyright 2013 James Bowman. All Rights Reserved.
©Copyright 2013 James Bowman. All Rights Reserved.
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The Lube

Alias:  Johnny Voxx

Occupation:  CEO of WutWut Lubricants Inc.

Powers:  Money

Equipment:  Forearm-mounted lube gun / jet-boots


For those who have had to work for a living, it's hard to feel sorry for millionaire playboy Johnny Voxx.  He's got it all: good looks, fortune, fame, a harem of gorgeous women clamoring at his feet, and a lubricant manufacturer that just happens to be very popular with the gay community.

But a man wants what he can't have, and poor Johnny wants the girl who plays hard to get.  The one woman he could never get with: Pherodoxy.  Driven by the insatiable desire to copulate with the villainous vixen, Johnny sought to garner her attention by appealing to her appetite for chaos and anarchy.

By strapping on his lube gun and armored flight-suit, Johnny transforms into a callous conveyer of cruelty - the Lube.

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