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All this, I do for you

Here you’ll find a bunch of links to things that I either enjoy, use frequently, or highly recommend.  Do or don’t take advantage of them. I suggest doing, rather than don’ting. That is what they’re here for, after all.

Twitter - James Bowman’s Twitter feed

Newgrounds - DonkeysBazooka Userpage


Freesound - This site is pretty terrific.  An entire database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds. Free to use (just be sure to give credit where credit is due), and most of them are very nice quality.

And there are LOTS of them.  I actually found this site relatively recently.  I don't know how I survived so long without it.  This has become my go-to place for sound effects.

Incompetech - Okay, how do I explain this?  There's this guy, right?  He makes royalty free music for the Creative Commons that is fully available to you on this website.  He also does requests, so if you need something made, he's all over that.  It's technically free, but he's doing such a nice thing, it's encouraged that you make a donation.  Anyway, it's good stuff, and like I said, it's free stuff.  Free makes good better.

The website is one of the most poorly organized websites I've ever been to.  It reminds me of something out of the 90s, except for the "Ads by Google" thing sitting indistinguishably next to the site map.  If you can find your way around, there's probably some stuff that explains things better than I have here.  On a side note, I’ve actually never used any of the music from this site before!  But still.  It seems like a good idea.

Dafont - Now this is a site that I have absolutely nothing bad to say about.  Fonts. Sooooo many awesome fonts.  Most of them are free...

that's it.  Well, you know how the saying goes, "if you don't have anything

snide or cynical to say, don't say anything at all."