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B is for Biography

Hi. My name is James Bowman, and I have an EXCELLENT speaking voice. I’ve been around since 1989, but I’ve never been as awesome as I am right now. I'm a graduate of Syracuse University, with a B.S. in TV, Radio & Film from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.  

You've probably seen a Newhouse graduate before. We're the folks with the massive, swollen egos, because we graduated from the most prestigious communications school in the country. Yep. Highly esteemed. My it’s awfully hard to type this while I’m looking down my nose at you. But I think I can pull it off.

After all, I’m a Newhouse alumnus!

I've been doing animation in one form or another since my preteen years.  Though animation is my current job and lifelong passion, I’m actually planning to move out to LA and break into the world of TV writing. More specifically, I want to be the showrunner of animated TV shows.

Me me me, blah blah blah. This autobiographical crap sure makes me sound egotistical, but trust me I'm not.  I'm really quite modest.  In fact, my humility is one of the things that makes me so great.  Is that good enough?  Do you feel enlightened?  If not, feel free to contact me with the form below.

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