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©Copyright 2013 James Bowman. All Rights Reserved.
©Copyright 2013 James Bowman. All Rights Reserved.
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Gamma Wiz

Alias:  Ronnie Longswallow

Occupation:  Athlete - Swimmer

Powers:  Super-acidic urine

Equipment:  Pelvic water cannon / fluid tank / temple canteens


The bigger they are, the harder they fall.  And Ronnie Longswallow was huge.  An Olympic Swimmer with four silver medals to his name, Ronnie was always a hundredth of a second away from the Gold.  Desperation can break even the proudest of men.  In a last-ditch attempt to seize his dreams, he turned to the dope.

Utilizing some new, untested performance-enhancers, Ronnie beat the other competitors by a mile... but that's because they never finished the race.  The steroids mysteriously turned Ronnie's urine into a highly corrosive acid.  He alone would live to regret peeing in the pool that day.  Charged with murder, his title was stripped and he was incarcerated.  Driven insane with rage, Ronnie broke out of jail, and broke into the criminal underworld as the Gamma Wiz.

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