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©Copyright 2013 James Bowman. All Rights Reserved.
©Copyright 2013 James Bowman. All Rights Reserved.
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Bone Depreciator

Alias:  Grequan Shpants

Occupation:  Baker

Powers:  None

Equipment:  None


Grequan Shpants never had a chance.  Adopted by a family of hippies when he was 10, his education took a backseat to freedom.  As he grew into a man, his brain remained that of a child.  He's gullible to the point where it's dangerous to his health, and easily manipulated - just the type of henchman Gamma Wiz was looking for. It wasn't hard for Gamma Wiz to convince Grequan he needed the job, and he even got him to enlist his mentally-handicapped brother Willy, as well. Lacking any real superpowers, Bone Depreciator relies solely on his fearsome name to strike terror into the hearts of his enemies.  As you may have already guessed... it doesn't work very well.

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