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It took a lot of work to turn Villainy into what it is today.  It all began in December 2007, during the great Writer's Strike.  James and Jeff were just lowly employees at a donut shop, shooting the breeze and joking around.  They began talking about going to the various TV networks, whose shows were on hold at the time, and pitching to them new shows to replace their old shows, with only very slight changes to the originals.  One of shows that was brought up was NBC's Heroes.

They called the parody Villains, and started coming up with various characters with ridiculous superpowers.  Many of the characters were absolutely terrible, and utterly useless (the whole idea of the show was a joke, after all).  However, a few of them actually showed promise and interested the two donut-servers.  As they started to think there might actually be something to this idea, they began meeting outside of work to workshop episode ideas.

Still a long way off from being able to pitch it to TV networks, they wrote a script for it to be turned into a graphic novel instead.  That never quite took off, for one reason or another.  Three years later and still in the development stages, they agreed that the rightful form for Villainy was animation, and James decided he was up to the task of turning it into a web series and doing the animation himself.  Finally, the concept that they'd sunk so much time into was ready to be born.

The Creators

James Bowman

He's been creating since early childhood.  He thanks his great genes for keeping him skinny so he didn't ever need to play sports.  His free-time was instead spent drawing comic books, creating characters, writing stories, writing songs, and making video games and card games.  As technology became available to him (the 21st century is great, isn't it?) he began to branch out into animation and filmmaking.  Villainy is his latest passion-project, and the one he most strongly believes in.

Jeffrey Skiff

Not quite as artistically motivated as his partner, Jeff's creativity manifested itself in the form of music.  As an avid reader, it was always a goal of Jeff's to write a novel.  That may not have happened (yet), but still he has found a different way to tell stories: Villainy (obviously).  Over the years, as Villainy developed, Jeff's ability as a writer has flourished.  If he ever takes a break from this web series, maybe he'll have more success writing that novel of his.

©Copyright 2013 James Bowman. All Rights Reserved.


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