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My Capacity for Flux - 3/11/13

So I was recently one of the nearly 50 people Machinima laid off in their attempt to save money as a dying company.  I’m pretty sure that by firing me they’ve essentially killed their Happy Hour channel, but hey, whatever.

Now I’ve got some free time. I want nothing more than to devote that free time to working on Villainy Episode 3, but some things still come first. Namely, the pitch bible for Villainy, which I intend to sell to a TV network.  That’s always been my goal, and now that I’m out in LA, it would really behoove me to have that ready to show when the time comes.  Episode 3 is not being put off, I’m still working on it.  It’s just (as always) slower than I want. Which is EXACTLY why I want it to be a TV show: so I’m not stuck doing the whole damn thing myself.

The progress on episode 3 will still be documented as it… progresses…

Check it out here: